Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Today's Projects

 I just thought I'd check in to say hi.
Today was really a lovely day.  
Sunny and warm, but not too warm.
Perfect for gardening and I still have
plenty that needs tending to.
Here were today's projects....
Planted some pots and the window boxes 
on the shed.  They look pretty wimpy right
now so I hope to show you them in a few weeks.
Got the fountain working and filled
for our fine feathered friends
Yep....still need to weed.
Taking it one day at a time :)
Planted a bed next to the deck with 
Frilly Russian Sage and Impatiens.   
These should fill in nicely and the 
sage will come back every year....I hope anyway :)
 Installed a new iron trellis for the 
Clematis Vine.  Should be very 
pretty once it starts blooming.
x x x x x
I also did some finishing work, printed charts,
 worked on the instructions for a new chart
 and even did a little chatting on the phone
with a few friends.  Not a bad day!
Hope your day was full and filled with 
things you love too.
Smiles, ~Nan

Monday, May 27, 2013

This Day

And I'm proud to be an American,
where at least I know I'm free.
And I won't forget the men who died,
who gave that right to me. -Lee Greenwood

Thank you.
Many Blessings,

Saturday, May 25, 2013

♥....How Cool....♥

Just wanted to share this cool find with you.
It's a needlework organizer/clipboard
from Needlework Press.
It's about 13" by 9" and 1" deep.
It has a clipboard lid, but the lid slides
open for storage, for things like your 
chart, floss, scissors, etc.
Like I said, How Cool !
I just called to purchase one from
Dyeing to Stitch, after seeing it on
their blog.
They just got them into the shop again
 after selling out after Nashville Market.
 I think this is going to come in so handy
and can't wait to get mine and 
start using it.  Plus, it's so
pretty and as you may have guessed
I love anything with an alphabet
on it :)
I played around a little bit this
week with my Civil War Needlebook design.
I stitched it again, but this time
I finished it by attaching it
to a blue ticking pillow I stuffed
with wood shavings. 
I really like it and it's just another
way to get creative with the pattern.
Happy Memorial Day!
May it be spent remembering
all the men and women who
served so bravely for
this great country of ours.
Thanks for stopping by.
I wish you all a happy and
very safe holiday weekend.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Please Send Prayers

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims 
and everyone affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma. 
Cherish your friends and loved ones today and always.
I was not going to post today,  but I just needed to take
 my mind off of all the devastation and utter sadness.
I spent time on the phone with a few very good friends
today and that helped, but I finally just needed
to get out of the house and away from the tv.
So I took some stitching and went out to sit in
the garden.  Even though it was very humid,
it was good to be out with nature, the birds
and clear my mind.
Here are some of the ever changing garden
views.  Everything is just exploding because
of the warmer weather we're having.
 It's amazing.......a few days ago there was only one Iris
Now they're in full bloom.
As you can see I still have some clean up to do, but
they love decaying leaves.  Free fertilizer!
The Hostas are so full now and not even close to 
being all filled in.
My faithful Palace Purple Heuchera
next to the mop Hydrangea.  
Will it be more blue this year or more purple?
We will see.
Only a few Allium this year, but 
still lovely to see.
I hope you enjoyed my garden pics
and thank you to my friends for calling today
to chat.  You know I love you dearly.
Big hugs to all.....

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Best Laid Plans

Hello my friends....
I'm sorry this post is so late, it's 
been that kind of day.
I know I promised yesterday
to show you the 2 new patterns
I've been working on.  And I guess
late is better than never ; )
So without further adieu.....
"Lancaster Co. Coverlet"    
  I created this adaptation from a piece of
an original coverlet from Lancaster Co.
dated 1861.
It's stitched on R & R 35ct French Vanilla
using WDW and GA floss.
I thought it would be different to 
mount it onto some stained matka.
I love how it turned out and 
decided to find a place for it on our
fireplace mantel.
x x x x x
Here is the mini sampler you've
previewed me stitching.
"Love for Labors All" 
Really one of my favorites.
I think this turned out quite sweet.
It's stitched on R & R 32ct Apple 
Brown Bindy using GA an
Crescent Colours floss.

This sampler has some specialty
 stitches in the line borders.
Chain, Algerian eye, back stitch and
cross stitch over four.  
        x x x x x 
These designs will be on there way
to my distributors soon and can also
be purchased in my Etsy Shop

  Thank you so much for your
wonderful comments and emails.
Hope it was worth the wait!
Smiles, ~Nan

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Looky what came in the mail today!

My dear and very sweet friend Nancy,
sent me some of her new floss colors, 
fresh from the dye pots.
Along with a little note to make me
She dyed 18 more colors today that
you just have to check out.
Russets, which I LOVE,
more greens and blues.
I see some floss shopping in
my future : )
Thank you so much Nancy
for the wonderful surprise and
your kindness and thoughtfulness.
 Love ya. 
x x x x 
I do have a bit of a surprise for you,
but you'll have to wait till tomorrow.
I'll be revealing my mini sampler
that you saw a sneak of in a few 
previous posts, along with another 
Yes, I've been busy too :D
x x x x
I also want to show you
a Stitcher's Finish that 
Bonnie sent me a picture of
 the other day.
She stitched "A Bee's Blessing"
on 45ct. linen over 2 threads and then  
walnut stained it.    It came out to 
be 3 1/4" w x 2 1/8" h.
It's mounted on a wooden oval disk
backed with gold wool and trimmed
  with chenille.
What a great finishing idea.
Wonderful stitching Bonnie and I love
the staining too.
   Thanks for sharing it with us.
Many smiles,

Monday, May 13, 2013

Sophia Waters

Finally got her done.
And I just love her .
~Sophia Waters~
R&R Reproductions ~ Sophia Waters
 I'm really happy with how the staining
came out on her.  She looks very old
and loved.  Click on the pics
to make them larger. 
I've been asked recently to share m
technique on staining.
  I usually stain my linen before 
I begin to cross stitch my piece 
because I like to use a
lot of over dyed floss.  Even though they 
may say color fast, it's still possible for 
them to run and ruin your finished piece.
 Spray or soak the linen with water. 
Mix up a batch of strong instant coffee 
or walnut crystals with some water. 
Use a sponge brush to randomly brush 
the linen with the staining mixture. 
 I blow dry the linen to set the 
staining and it's faster, but you could 
also let it air dry. Repeat if needed. 
If you're using DMC floss you can stain 
your piece afterwards if you choose.  
 I hung her on my large antique bucket
bench in our sunroom.
I think she looks great hanging
among all of my garden prims
and mason jar collection.
x x x x x
By the way....I took a few more
pics of our bloomin' garden.
Front Side Yard
First Iris to bloom!
   Before I end this post I would
just like to say thank you to all
who purchased my Civil War 
Needlebook kit.  I am truly amazed
and very touched by your response.
I'm all sold out, but there may still
be a few left at Dyeing to Stitch.
Many Smiles,