Friday, September 26, 2014

Winner of Nina's Giveaway!

Yes, I really couldn't believe it either, but yes, I was the winner of the facebook giveaway for 3000 likes given by Hand made by Nina's.   The prize was.... 13 Nina's Threads, 2 silk threads, 1 silk ribbon in 13mm width, one piece of linen, 2 pieces of ric-rac and laces. All in Autumnal colors.
 I am using the picture from Nina's page as I really doubt I could do these beautiful threads and trims the justice they deserve if I took another picture.  The colors are amazing and I will for sure be using them in a future project....maybe a special handmade for Primitive Handmades Merc.

Please visit Nina's website to see all her beautiful items.

Thank you so much Nina for your sweet generosity.  I love these more than I can say!

Happy Stitching!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Road Trip....Woot Woot

I've been keeping my fingers very busy gearing up for another Primitive Handmades Mercantile.  I have some things made and ready for this month and some for next....Yep, I love to be ahead of the game at all times.  Here's the pile of hand dids on my studio floor.  A little bit of everything. 
The PHM update is Thursday around 9:00.  The timing isn't perfect because I leave on a road trip early the next morning.  But I'll be bringing my laptop with me, as always.  So, I will be able to email about sales, if need be.

 Anyone else headed to Notforgotten Farm this Saturday?  
It's the annual Gathering of Primitive Friends show!  
I'm over the moon excited and will be en route on Friday to meet up with some friends.
Then we'll load up the van and all go together to our destination.  
So many friends from all over are traveling for this event.  I hope to put a lot of faces to 
names and CAN NOT wait to meet all my online prim stitching friends.
I'm excited to finally meet my pal Lori too.  I know it'll be so much fun and I'll be smiling from dawn to dusk.  

The weather is supposed to be perfect that day and I'm sure I'll be bringing home with a few treasures from some of my favorite folk artists!  Hope to see you there and Please make sure to say hi:). 
Smiling, smiling, smiling.....~Nan

Friday, September 12, 2014

Can you say trim heaven?

Yep:)   My sweet friend Elizabeth Talledo of Dames of the Needle/Finger Work and From the Cauldron, sent me a belated birthday gift.  She knows what I love!  I have a few new designs I'm hard at work on and I can see these making it on to them.  Some of my favorites are the Dark Plum, Grunge, Tarnished Halo, Red Velvet Cake and so many more....
Her pom pom trim is the bomb!!! Thanks and love you E.
Happy Stitching and Finishing all,


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fall stitching....there's just something about it.  The coolness of the air, the beautiful Autumn colors...bittersweet, olive, gold and brandy.  It's always so exciting to make a new start. This is what will be in my stitching hands today. I can't wait to see how this takes shape.  I love the linen, which is Lakeside Lentil and I'm pretty thrilled with my color pallet too.  There may be a change here or there, usually is, but this looks to be a good starting point.

I've been taking it pretty easy lately and I have to admit I've really been enjoying my down time.  I've been playing in the studio and getting ready for the next Primitive Handmades Merc. update, which will be on the evening of the 17th.  I've really had fun and have quite a few things to list....
But, I've also taken up learning to do punch needle. I have to say it was quite frustrating a first, but once I asked lots of questions of those in the know and kept at it, it's turned into something I really enjoy.  I can see myself having a punch project going at all times.  It's a nice change, very different from cross stitch and goes pretty quickly.
For my first try, I decided to just draw out a simple design.  A Prim flower with a few tongues surrounding it seemed easy enough. Here's my piece in progress.
I wasn't loving the bald spots, which you can't seem to see in the picture, but I kept going and after it was done and stained with a walnut staining solution, it looked much better.  The liquid made the fiber mesh together and hide the spots.  I backed it will overdyed wool and stuffed it.  Now it resides in my bowl of smalls and I'm pretty proud:)

Well, I'd better get stitching...I'll be back soon to show you the pretties I've made for my PHM update.
Enjoy your week and as always, Happy Stitching my friends!
Smiles, ~Nan