Friday, July 31, 2015

Fun Friday!

Having a fun Friday....creating in my studio today...just things I feel like making.
It's a sauna outside, but I'm getting in the Fall spirit.
Oranges, Browns, Grays, in fabrics and favorite.

I love making pieces for Primitive Handmades Merc and knowing I'm ahead of things.

Pumpkins are probably at the top of my list of "Favorite Things"
Just something about them makes me smile and I have amassed quite a 
collection that I put out at the end of August:)

 I'm so glad I saved a bunch of dried pumpkin stems
from last year!

Pumpkins 10¢

Happy Friday and wishing you all a wonderful weekend.
  Smiles, ~Nan

Friday, July 17, 2015

They've Been Framed:)

I just had to share with you the two samplers I got back today from my new framer Patti Nicolosi.
I met Patti at a retreat this past Spring and she is what I would call a "great find".  
She is everything you want in a framer....Skilled, affordable, and friendly...
plus she has a great eye for what frames work well.  I trusted her to pick the frames for these and I think she was spot on.  So if you are in need of a wonderful framer 
contact Patti at

These are both sampler designs by Blackbird Design that I stitched earlier in the year.
I just love how they turned out.  I changed most of the color as I wanted them to look just like the pictures of the ones in the booklet.

1861 Sampler is on the left and Scarlet Letters is on the right. I am so pleased with them both and they are now gracing the walls in our home.  Wonderful designs and both were such a joy to stitch.  I really love Barb and Alma's design, but especially their the samplers they've reproduced.
Happy weekend all ~ Nan

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Road Trip ~ Stitch Camp 2015

My friends and I returned home earlier this week from our trip to Country Sampler in Spring Green Wisconsin.  It was a long drive, but well worth it.

On the 1st day of camp we all met in the schoolroom where a yummy breakfast and our agenda for the week awaited.    

The schoolroom is just a lovely place to work 

and we all got busy on the project at hand.

Our class project was this velvet lined metal cash box and accessories to go with it.

Our teacher for the event was Stacy Nash.

Here are my box and heart scissor holder, along with the cute name badge necklace we all got. 

Got these accomplished the first day. We were a very focused
Some of my table mates.  Pat and Barbara.  

My friends and I had to get a pic with Patti from
We have been online friends for years, so It was really nice to finally meet her in person.  

Theresa(Tee), Patti, Me and Pat

It was such a treat to be able to share this event with two of my favorite buddies Pat and Tee and it was great fun to meeting everyone there.  Lots of new friendships were formed!

 Here are some pics of our classmates.

Jeanne and the shop gals just made everything so special every day! Thank you!
Pat and I stayed upstairs in the apt. and we had such a great time with our roomies, Pam, Jean, Carol and Sarah.  Thanks for such a wonderful welcome, your friendship, and the wine, stitching and chatting.
A special thank you to Pam for having coffee ready every morning.....I owe you gf.

Still smiling ~Nan

Friday, July 3, 2015

The Start

My needle is at work on a future Halloween design.  
I hope to capture all that I love about the my favorite holiday........
 and I'll be sending a new Fall design off to my model stitcher, Cindy. 
So happy to have her help:)

Family BBQ today and it's a gorgeous one here.
Enjoy your 4th festivities whatever they may be....
Smiles, ~Nan

Thursday, July 2, 2015

On to Fall

Looks like it's time to get stitching Hallowe'en and Fall......designs are done, now to get my needle workin'.
I've picked a few great colors and a gorgeous piece of Peep's Lost Sheep linen by Dames of the Needle.  The perfect background for all things Halloweenie:)

And in the garden a pumpkin has seeded itself from last years pumpkin display. The squirrels made a fine mess of them and I guess some of the seed overwintered and sprouted.   I'm excited! I've never grown pumpkins before....a first.

Hope everyone enjoys the long holiday weekend ahead.  Happy 4th, have fun and stay safe!
Smiles, Nan