Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Hallows Eve

Hope your Hallowe'en is SPOOKY
good and full of tricks and treats!
We're all ready for the ghouls and gobblins
to come a knocking here at our house.
Might nibble on a few pieces of 
candy myself :D
Have some wicked good fun!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lots to tell

Happy day to you all.
So much to tell....where to start.
First, I think a sneak peek!
 Here is a little look at the new 
Christmas design I've been working on.
I've stitched this on 35ct18th Century
Rook by R & R.
I absolutely love this linen color and
it's so different.  I've also used silks by
The Thread Gatherer.
on this piece and hope to have this
released in the next week or so.
Just needs some final touches.
x  x  x  x  x
Next, an upcoming road trip!
I'll be going down to Virginia Beach, Va.
to visit my dear friends Ann and Pat, of
Dyeing to Stitch, (and also R & R)
to celebrate their shop's birthday.  
 I'm so thrilled to have been invited 
and can't wait to see them.
If you're in the area, the birthday
bash is on Satruday, Nov. 10th.
My buddy Ivonne, of 
The Crackling Crows is making the
trip too.  Oh, what fun us girls will have!
x x x x x 
By the way.... Ann started up a new
blog dyeingtotellyou 
If you get a chance, check it
out for more updates on 
all the things happening at 
Dyeing to Stitch.
x x x 
I'll be back soon with an update!
Happy Stitching,