Sunday, March 31, 2013

Giving thanks and wishing all of you
a very Happy Easter.
Enjoy this beautiful day!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fun Outing

On Friday, a bunch of us
went antiquing.
It was a little brisk, so we bundled
up and headed out for a fun
day together in hopes of bringing
home some cool finds.    
Maureen, Daryl, Jen, Ruthe and myself

We had a lot of fun even though
none of us really scored anything
out of the ordinary. 
We saw so many wonderful
antiques, but most would have
required remortgaging the house :D
Here's what I brought home....
I have quite a collection of Mason
jars.  These are all very different 
from any others I have and will fit in
  By the way, the fabric is not antique :)   
Ruthe and I stopped by Olde City Quilts
the day before.  I guess you could
say I collect fabric too.  LOL.    
I'm sure you'll be seeing one of these in
a future project.
Love these shades.  They remind me of
Bee's honey!
Enjoy the week ahead.
Smiles, ~Nan      

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Too Funny

Happy Spring!

This is just too funny.....
I was reading Lori's blog
 as usual, and she mentioned
that you could stand an egg on it's end 
today because of the Earth's 
rotational pull .  She said it really
works.   I had never heard of
this before and sooooo 
I had to  give it a try.   
Ta Da.....
Lori is just full of fun facts :)
x x x x 
It's a beauty of a day here
in Philadelphia.  I'm off
to run to the post office
and do a few errands.
Enjoy this first day of Spring!
Smiles, ~Nan   

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Such Friendship

I wanted to show you the 
beautiful stitched heart I purchased
from my dear friend and TDIPT 
sister, Audrey of BayRay's Child.
I am always blown away by her
creations and she has the most
amazing sewing skills.     
One day, I keep telling myself
one day.  I could only hope to sew
half as well. 
So anyway, I open my box from
Audrey and there inside.....
Oh my gosh, it was like Christmas
this morning.  Not only did she
send the gorgeous heart pillow,
which I totally love, 
 but an amazing array of vintage
sewing notions.   
I could not believe my eyes. 
How wonderful these will look
in my sewing studio and will go
so well with my sewing collection. 
Audrey, you are a gem and I 
just love you.   I am so touched
by your generosity, but not in the 
least surprised.  You have always
shown me such love and friendship.
    Thank you my friend.
If you have not seen Audrey's work
first hand, please visit her Etsy Shop.
Be ready to be wowed :)
   x x x x x 
Also, wanted to show you my progress
on the Sophia Waters sampler
  Slow but sure.
I'm stitching this in between all
the other works in process.  I have
been working on 2 new designs.
I am very excited about both of them.
Hope to have them out in April.
x  x  x  x  x
          I've also been doing a little side
stitching.  I'd really like to make these
into something special and add them 
to the handmade section of my blog
for sale.    
      The creative juices are always
flowing :)
x x x x 
Thank you to everyone for your
sweet comments on the Lucky Shamrocks
freebie.  My blog friend, Karen,
 did a beautiful finish with the design.  
Check it out on her blog 
if you get a chance.     
Have a great day and thanks for 
Smiles, ~Nan

Friday, March 15, 2013


I want to thank you all 
for your outpouring of well wishes.
I truly appreciate all your 
comments and the personal
emails I've received.

I've had a lot of time to think
over the last month. Maybe too
much time : )
During that time, I knew 
I wanted to let all of you know   
how you ALWAYS make me feel.

I created this design and hope
that it will inspire you to stitch
and share it with someone who
     makes you feel this way too!      
I've left the bottom right space blank
so that you could add something
special to it.  Maybe some
old crochet lace or some buttons or
even a piece of wool to hold you pins.
This way you can use your 
creativity to make it your own.
I've provided a DMC color code, but 
feel free to use whatever linen
and floss colors that makes
you happy .
x x x x x
Big hugs to you all and 
thank you again.
Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Retreat Annoucement

Hello friends.  
I'm sorry to announce that due to 
health issues, I will be unable
to fulfill my roll at the 
Dyeing to Stitch Retreat in October. 
 I want to thank Ann and Pat 
for the opportunity; I do hope we 
can get together in the future.
I know the retreat will be a big success 
and that all of you will have a great time! 
Please use this link to visit the 
Dyeing to Stitch blog 
for more info on the upcoming retreat.

Until next time.....
Hugs, ~Nan

Friday, March 8, 2013

So Much For Spring

What happened?
Yesterday was all daffodils 
and crocuses and today.... 
I didn't even know it was
supposed to snow.
Better stop stitching 
so much and turn on the
weather channel :)
I'm going to brave the storm
and head out to visit 
my dear friend Mimi anyway.
Wish me luck on the roads.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Promise Of Spring

Awaits just around the corner.....
 Right outside our front door.
Almost ready to open.
And to my surprise.... a
beautiful purple crocus. 
I'm headed to by best bud,
Mimi's house tomorrow for a 
day of creativity and lots
of laughter, can't wait.
Gonna get some of my
happy back.
x x x x x 
Wishing you warmer days
and signs of Spring 
in your neck of the woods.
Until next time.....
Smiles, ~Nan