Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Post Before My Getaway

Yep, I'm headed out to do a little dog sitting for a 
friend for a few days.  I LOVE doggies, so there 
will be lots of cuddles and kisses :)
Since I will be away I thought I'd show you the 
Halloween piece that I finished stitching up today. 
 I still have to do the  finishing on it, but that 
will have to wait till my return.
Meet......"Beggar's Night"

I really get into decorating for Halloween, so I knew
I wanted to design something special for it this year.
I must say I'm quite pleased with how it 
stitched up.  Stitched on 35ct R & R Reproductions
Abecedarian Blend linen with DMC floss.

The model will be on display in the 
R & R Reproductions Room #612
at the TNNA show next month.
So, look for the release then. 

I also wanted to show you what my friend Sharon
stitched up.  Her blog is MousecraftUSA
"Ohio Treasure Sampler"
 How absolutely gorgeous.  She changed it up a bit
and stitched it  on 30ct R & R Cafe Kona with the
called for Gentle Art floss if she had it. If not
she used the DMC substitution or whatever she had
that was close to the color.
WOW....A real make do sampler.
I love it so much Sharon.      Swoon :)))
Thanks my friend for stitching it so beautifully and
sharing it too.
Well, better get packed.  I'm taking lots of stitching
with me.  Thanks for stopping by and can't wait to
hear what you think of Beggar's Night!
Hugs, ~Nan

Saturday, July 27, 2013

All In Bloom

A very busy day in the sewing studio today and 
yesterday, but nothing I can really show.
The temps have cooled off a bit the past few
days, so I have been taking my lunch break
The garden is definitely in full bloom.
I know Summer is in full swing when
the Blackeyed Susans are at there best,
along with, one of my very favorites,
the Purple Coneflower.

Gosh, I just can't help but smile when I look
at these pinkish beauties.
The butterflies are abundant now and I think
I counted 8 yesterday while sitting 
out on the deck eating lunch.
They love the Lilies the best. 

These just keep multiplying year 
after year.  Don't you just love when
plants do that?
Hope you are enjoying the beautiful days
of Summer.
Smiles, ~Nan

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Having Fun Designing

That's right.  I have so much fun designing!
Playing with linen and floss and let's 
not forget about trims.

             My wonderful friend Ann, of                  
sent me a goodie bag last week full of their trims.
I know... I know...what a friend!
They have some really fab colors and I knew I'd 
want to use one of them on the
new design I'm stitching.  
So, here's a sneak peek at the new design and
 just some of the trims.
 It will be ready for the August TNNA  Show.  
I designed it for my favorite of all holidays,
I have a few more days of stitching on it, but I
like to plan ahead and get things out to see
what might work.  I'm loving the Cinnamon
baby chenille, so that may be the trim for
this piece.
 It's been so hot here,
just like so many other areas, but I am focusing on Fall and ideas are just flowing in my head.  I think I'll have a lot of things to stitch in the next few weeks. 
I hope you like the peak at my new little design.  
Stay Cool and Happy  Stitching!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Worth the Wait?

Thank you all for your patience while waiting for
this new release and 3rd design in the Bee Series.
It's been one of those weeks, but now it's time
to show you what my busy needle has done.
Here is a sweet little pin roll called
"A Bee's Gathering".
This model was stitched on 32ct R & R Reproductions
Creme Brulee linen using Weeks and
Gentle Art floss,but a DMC conversion
has also been provided.
This is such a handy thing to have.
I just love using mine.

Here is my collage of the Series.

 x x x x 
Now the other surprise.
The new sampler design is all framed and is
so beautiful.  Don't you think?
Meet "Ann's Sampler" 

I designed this sampler especially for my dear friend
Ann Robbins of Dyeing to Stitch
and R & R Reproductions. 
Just like Ann, it makes me smile.  I'm so
happy that we are friends.
This is stitched on 32ct Abecedarian Blend
with Weeks and Gentle Art floss.  A DMC
conversion has been provided for this design also.
x x x x
I hope you like the new designs.  They will be
available at your local needlework shop soon
 and I have added them to my Etsy Shop.
x x x x
Thank you for taking time out of your busy
summer to stop by and visit.
Many happy stitches,

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fun day to play

It's not too often that I take a day off to
play.  I'm pretty much a workaholic.
But, as I mentioned yesterday, my
stitching buddy, Mimi came for a visit
and we played most of the day.
We purchased some new wools and velvets from
Blackberry Primitives a few weeks ago.
Their wools and velvets are just YUMMY.
We decided our project of the day
would be strawberries.
These were just the perfect colors for the task.
Since I can't cook to save my life, Mimi always
makes us a special lunch and it's always
something new and delicious.
Today was a broiled crab and cheese mixture 
on English muffins and fresh brewed 
iced tea.  It was very, very yummy :)
My part is to help Mimi with the finishing
and I think I get the best part of the deal
 since I get fed :D
Anyway..... Here are our velvet strawberries.
Mine is the pink with sequin pins and Mimi's is the red
with little black seed beads.
She will finish the rest of hers at home since we
ran out of time.  We do a lot of talking and show
and tell and the day really flies.
It was lots of fun and it's really good to take a break
from it all now and then.
I love our playdates!
x x x x x
She also brought the frame I ordered for
the new sampler design.  OOOH LA LA.

Love it and can't wait to get her all framed up
and looking beautiful.
x x x x x 
Well, I'm creatively exhausted :)
Bee back soon......hint, hint, hint.
 Smiles, ~Nan

Monday, July 15, 2013

A Quick Hello

Hi all.  Well, I thought I'd get to show you pics 
of the next  bee design that's all finished.
Alas, there are just not enough
hours in this day. I can tell you that I'm over the 
top pleased with how it turned out and 
I've named it "A Bee's Gathering"
x x x x
My friend, Mimi is coming for a visit tomorrow 
and bringing the frame for my new sampler design.
Here's another sneak peak?
 It really is a beautiful little sampler and one 
that is very special to me.
I hope to get this in the frame and 
show you the full reveal by next week. 
x x x x
I'll try to have the pics of 
"A Bee's Gathering" for you on
Wed. since I won't get much done tomorrow
other than a special lunch and lots of play time :)  
x x x x 
I'll leave you with a picture of the SAL
I've been working on.  Hosted by Soed Idee.
 It's all done and the frame is on order.
Very Classic.  
 Until next time. Happy Stitching!

Monday, July 8, 2013


It's a lovely day to sit out and stitch......
Yeah, a bit warm, but I don't mind.
There's a breeze every now and then and I
love to listen to the birds and see them play
in the fountain.
We have a nest of baby robins in our 
Dogwood tree and I can see and hear
them every time mommy comes home with
a meal.
Gosh, I love summer.
Here's what's on my lap as I sit in
my comfy sand chair on the back deck.
A bit of a sneak peek at the next
bee design!  Still quite a bit of stitching to go.

Can I just tell you how much I love my new organizer/clipboard
that I got from Ann at Dyeing to Stitch.
This is just perfect for traveling or to take outside
 with me to stitch.  Nothing is blowing away anymore.
I keep all my floss inside the sliding lid.  I keep
my scissors and sheath under the clip and just pull
 the scissors out to make a snip and then back in
the sheath they go.  Best thing I've purchase in a
loooooong time.
I know I promised some new shots of the garden.
So here they are......
I grew this Lacecap Hydrangea from a cutting
I took a few years ago from the mother plant.
It get the most magnificent blue.

Our Lavender Hidcote, which now needs a cutting,
so I can have some dried for later.
This is our WILD side garden.  I don't know what these
flowers are as they seeded from our neighbor's garden.
They're really pretty and the bees love them.

I'll leave you with a shot of where my hubby and I
usually hang out every evening and watch the sun
set with a few beverages :)

Wish you all could join us!
Happy Summer Stitching!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Stitcher's Finish - Times Two

A very happy Sunday to you all.  

I hope you having a wonderful holiday weekend.
We had friends over yesterday for a cookout.  
The hubby made a ton of great food
and it was  such a relaxing day hanging out
on the back deck with our buddies.
I should have taken some pics, but we never stopped
eating, drinking or talking :)
 x x x x 

I received two pictures of "Happy 4th" finishes
last week and wanted to take some time
to post them.
This one is from Janet C.  She went on a hunt
for the perfect lace for her pinkeep.  It is perfect
and I just love how it turned out.

Karen D. sent me this picture of her finish.

Love the star fabric and the addition of the ric rac
and button.  Just super.   Both mentioned that it was
a really fun stitch.  It always makes me happy to hear that.
x x x x
x x x x 
I'm still stitching the next bee design.  It's
happily coming along and making me smile.
I think you'll like the finish and I'm keeping
my fingers crossed that it turns out
as sweet as I hope.
Until next time. 
Wishing you lots of Happy!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

♥ Independence Day ♥

Wishing everyone a very happy and safe 
Fourth of July.
Hope it's filled with family, friends, fireworks
 and fun!
Happy red, white and blue!
Threadwork Primitives

Monday, July 1, 2013

A Stitcher's Finish

I received quite a few photos in the
last few days from fellow stitchers :)
The needles are flying out there!
First, Judy of Attic Raggedys 
and a fellow member of Samplermakers,
sent in another finish.   This time she's 
stitched Down Virginia Way.  

Doesn't this look fabulous framed.  I'm just loving it!
Judy used the called for threads except for having 
to substitute WDW Cocoa for the CC Pollywog 
because it was out of stock.   I think it looks great!
x x x x x
Carole, also a Samplermakers member,
sent a picture of her Happy 4th finish.
This was her first attempt at ruching with ribbon.
Looks like a pro to me.
It's beautiful and so patriotic.  I'll bet it's even better
in person.   Such a nice display too.
Carole was sweet enough to purchase the little
1776 cupcake pincushion I made and I'm so
glad to see she's enjoying it.  Thanks again
x x x x x
And last but not least, Bonnie quickly stitched up
my new release, A Bee's Bounty.
Of course, Bonnie stitched this on 48ct.

How sweet.  She say's it's only about 3 x 6.
Good things come in small packages, right?
It's adorable Bonnie.
x x x x x
Thank you all for sharing your finishes with me.
It always makes me smile to see them and I
love showing them to my fellow bloggers.
x x x x x
I finished designing and charting the third and probably
final bee design this morning. This one may
be my favorite in the series.
Hope to get stitching on it soon, but need to
pick out some linen for the project first.

Have a wonderful week and thanks for
visiting.  Smiles, ~Nan