Friday, November 30, 2012

~*~Workin' on a New Design~*~

It's always exciting to sit down
and start stitching a new design.
I never really know just how it will
turn out or what it will turn into.
I think I've said this before, but
I just let the piece tell me what 
it wants to be :)
Here's a little sneak peek
of my "Merry Winter" design.

I love the floss colors so far and I'm
stitching it on 35ct Sheeps Straw linen
by R & R Reproductions, which is
a beautiful golden color.  
Hoping to finish it up quickly for a Dec.
Tonight we are headed over to my
brother's house to celebrate with the family.
It's his 50th birthday.  
Where do the years go ?
Seems like only yesterday we
were little kids.
Happy Birthday Paul!
Happy Friday to you all and
Happy Stitching.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Getting in the Spirit

Hi friends!
I hope you've all recovered from the 
fun and feast of Thanksgiving.
I know we have tons of left overs.
My hubby made a big bowl
of turkey salad with grapes and
sliced almonds.  Yummmmm.
 That will serve as a delicious lunch 
for a few days.
x x x
I've had some time this past
weekend to indulge 
myself in some stitching.
I'm getting in the holiday 
spirit and stitched up a few
prim and simple ditty bags.
I don't usually have too much
time to make finished items
anymore, so this was fun.
I've listed them for sale 
in my Etsy shop.   Hope you'll
take a look. 
x x x 
   Have a great week!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

♥ With Thanks ♥

I thought I would post today
since our house will be a buzz
with family and friends
 At this time of year I pause to count 
all my blessings.  I am so grateful
for my family, my friends and  
all the new friendships 
I've made this  year.    
You inspire me and make me smile 
everyday.  Thank you for your
friendship and encouragement.
Wishing you all a wonderful holiday
full of family, friends, love and
laughter.  Enjoy this 
special day!
Happy Thanksgiving,

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Bit of Eye Candy

Hi Friends,
Thought I'd show you 
what I picked up while at 
Dyeing to Stitch last weekend for 
their birthday celebration.
Yes, wonderful R & R linen.
My true obsession.
In some colors I actually didn't have : )
Mink and Coffee Bean. 
Along with some of their beautiful trims
and a few pretty new silk threads
by The Thread Gatherer 
and Crescent Colours.
x x x x x 
Today I spent a bit of stitching
time on the Primitive Needle
Kindred Spirits piece I've been 
working on.  
 Slow but steady.  I'm pretty sure I'll
have this done by next
Halloween :D.
I stitched this on the recommended 
color linen, Days gone by, but 
now I wish I had just stitched
it on some of my R & R linen.
It always goes along so much
 faster and more enjoyable.   
Either way though,    
stitching always seems to make 
whatever little worries I have
fade.  Don't you agree?
x x x
Well, I hope your day is full of
things you love and no worries too.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

*** A Wonderful Visit ***

Our trip down to Virginia Beach
 was wonderful and we 
had so much fun!
I was honored to have been invited
and thoroughly enjoyed celebrating with
 Ann and Pat and their crew from 
It was the shop's 7th birthday.
x x x x x
They were so sweet to set up 
a table and display of the models
I'd brought down and some of th
models they had already stitched.   
x x x x x 
Check out this wall of floss and
silks.  Is this heaven!!!
x x x x x  
Here's the table with all the wonderful
goodies Ann baked. 
Woopie pies and cupcakes. Yum!
x x x 
You may know my friend and
TDIPT sis, Ivonne
She was such a doll and
drove down with her
husband to visit.  It was our
first time meeting, even though
we've been friends for a long time now.
Here's one of the three of us.
Myself, Ivonne and Ann.
We're all smiles! 
It was so much fun chatting.
x x x x x   
Lots of people came by to help
celebrate and it was a busy day.
Here's Ann and Pat hard at work.
  Look at that wall of stitching.
Just amazing!
x x x 
Thank you to everyone who
stopped by.
 It was so great to meet everyone.
 I just didn't want to say 
goodbye, but I take with 
me many great memories.
 x x x 
Thank you Ann and Pat
for making my visit so special
and for your friendship.
Hope to see you again soon!