Monday, April 20, 2015

Getting Ready

My covers have arrived and the charts are printed and ready for the Prim Stitchers Retreat. I have 4 new designs that I'll be bringing and releasing at the retreat.  Not to worry....I will do a full release at the end of May!
Here is a better picture of "Spring Tail Feathers" Needlebook.
Hope you like it:)

This is stitched on Dame's of the Needle's new linen line, which will also be released very soon.  I thoroughly enjoyed stitching on Elizabeth's linen and the colors are quite prim.

Smiles, ~Nan

Thursday, April 16, 2015


I love prims and antiques and love it even better when I can find a way to add cross stitch to the pieces I find.  While antiquing awhile back I found this wonderful glass washboard.  I looked through my designs and thought I'd use the bottom motifs from my
 "Love for Labors All" design.  Changed up the colors and added a date....
Mounted and laced it onto some cardboard with batting and popped it in the top of the washboard.  Trimmed it with my stained vintage chenille around the edge.
This was fun and my first time doing this finish.  I'll be on the lookout for more washboards when I'm out junking with my buddies:)

Hope you have had a creative day my friends!  
Smiles, ~Nan

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Quaker Pinkeep

Got a chance to finish this stitch that I did at the beginning of the month.  I finished it into a pincushion in a glass holder.  Stitched on 40ct mystery stained linen with The Thread Gatherer's Silk called Chocolate Caramel.  Added a few of my stained pins to match.  Another piece I'll be bringing to the Prim Stitchers Society Retreat at the end of the month.

I think this would make a fun little kit too...I may have to work on that:)

Not long now and I'll be with all my stitch friends at the's going to be so exciting and I'm sure, so much fun.
Smiles, ~Nan

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

This Thursday Night

Don't forget to join me and my PHM sisters Thurs. night for our Primitive Handmades Merc. update.

Smiles, ~Nan

Sunday, April 12, 2015

From the Farmhouse Show

Yesterday was so awesome.  The From the Farmhouse Antique and Handmades show was super and I did end up getting a few great pieces.  I got the most beautiful Mennonite quilt and one of those mason jars that I collect.  Also some handmade hornbooks from my buddies, Susan and Dorrie, a washboard and an old wooden butter churn keg... Best of all was seeing all my friends...(We missed having Pat and Cindy there:( We laughed and really never shut up...hahaha..... After the show we all went to Woody's Crab House for a delicious lunch, which has now become our tradition. The day went by all too fast again.

From a private collection out of Lancaster PA

Very large "Mason" only jar

Hope to add some stitcheries to these

Old butter churn keg

Next show is Oct. 17th.....mark your calendars.  This event is not to be missed.  
Smiles, ~Nan

Friday, April 10, 2015


I thought I'd share my progress on my WIP, 1861 Antique Sampler by Blackbird Designs.   I've changed most of the called for colors, as I love the photograph of the original sampler in the book so much, that I want my piece to resemble the photo as much as possible.

I still have a ways to go, but this is turning out to be a lovely stitch and I am enjoying my time with it.

x x x x

I am heading to Elkton MD tomorrow to meet up with friends.  We all going to the "from the Farmhouse Show.  It's such great event and we try not to miss it.

Hope you all have a fun weekend planned too.
Smiles, Nan

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Another Finish

I may just be hooked on this whole wool applique ~ cross stitch combo thing.
Another finish that will be making it's way to the Prim Stitchers Society at the end of the month.  

I used my Bluebird Sampler design for the inspiration!

Now, it's time to do some chores around the house.....LOL
Smiles, ~Nan

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Playing with Wool

I thought I'd try my hand at some wool applique....
I love all the overdyed wools that are available to us and have collected quite a bit of it over the last few years.   I usually add a piece of wool here or there to my cross stitch creations, but have not worked on a full wool project.

I love ditty bags too, so I drew up a design and cut out the pieces in a few different shades of wool.  Used some overdyed floss and also some perle cotton to attach the wool to some wonderful chocolate prairie cloth.

I wanted to also add some cross stitch....of course, right?
So, I added a few little do dads and a date with some more overdyed floss.  I really like the combo of the two.  I constructed a fully lined ditty bag.  I like to add interest and also use up some of my fabric scraps, by using two and sometimes three different fabrics for the binding and strap.  I love the look it gives....very make do.

Hope you're having a creative day too.....
Smiles, ~Nan

Monday, April 6, 2015

Stitching and Finishing

A few days ago I stitched up these motifs from my "Quaker Friends" pattern.
One on 32ct and one on 40ct.  Both were stitched with the most wonderful color silk.... Chocolate Caramel from The Thread Gatherer.  I love this color.  So much variegation and a very soothing palette.  I also dyed some vintage chenille I had.  I tried to get a few different shades so that I would have a choice for trimming my finish.

I made the larger motif into a sawdust stuffed pinkeep.  I left lots of blank space for pins and I love the simplicity of the finish.  I find simple always to be more pleasing.  To my eye, anyway.   I have an interesting finish in mind for the smaller motif and will work on that in the next few days.

Wishing you a wonderful week!
Smiles, ~Nan

Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Wonderful Day

Happy Easter! I enjoyed a peaceful day with my honey. It was sunny, and almost warm. The windows were open, the birds were chirping and we had the music on....I've decided to make Sundays "a stitch for keeps" day...when I stitch on something that I've been wanting to have and keep. I fell in love with this design, "1861 Antique Sampler"' the moment I opened the book, In Friendship's Way by Blackbird Designs. I'm stitching this on 32ct Lakeside Vtg. Pear and using most of the called for floss....with a few changes. 

I hope your day was filled with peace and surrounded by those you love.
Smiles, Nan

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter

Wishing you all a very happy and blessed Easter!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Creative Day!

I am gearing up for my Primitive Handmades update this month.  I took last month off, but don't plan to miss this month.  So, along with creating pieces for the Prim Stitchers Society Retreat at the end of the month, I'm also working on a few one of a kind items for PHM.  
I stitched this and got it done this morning.  I had a finish in mind and I was so excited to try it out.  I worked most of the day in the sewing studio and I'm very pleased with how it turned out.  Pretty much like I had envisioned it in my head.  It really has that old look to it that I love.  I stained up 2 pieces of 32ct Lakeside Linen Vtg. Pear.  I love stitching on this linen and the colors are just vintage.

This will be one of the items I'll be offering on my update on the 16th.
Smiles, ~Nan.