Friday, June 28, 2013

Stitchin' the Week Away

Happy Friday All !
Yep, that's what this week was all about...
That's a good kind of week :)
xx x xx x xx
I finished up the new sampler I was
working on and now all I need to do is 
pick out a complimentary frame, frame it, 
write up the instructions, take pics for the cover
and get them printed and off to the distributor.
Not always such and easy task, but as you
know, I love this job....pinch me :)
Here's a sneak peek....
This sampler has a story behind it, but I'll tell you
more about that later.
x x x
I've also finish up a WIP that I've been working on
since last year and my goal was to have it
done by Halloween.  CHECK :)
Kindred Spirits by The Primitive Needle.  Love this!
Looks like I'll be doing a lot of frame shopping.

AND....I'm doing a SAL hosted by Simone of
Soed Idee called B. Blok Mystery.

We're up to part 3 and today Simone
 should be posting part 4.
So, I'm all caught up and ready.....phew... for now :)
 I hate falling behind on things.  
As you can see, I've stained this linen before starting.
I'm using one of my friend Nancy's
(Victorian Motto Sampler) great reds.
She has the best variety of red floss out there.
  I think I own just about every one.
Just a reminder to all the Ladies Prim Society 
Members.  There are only a few days left to get
in on the giveaway over at Ann's blog.
Comment and become a follower of her blog
and she is going to stitch a personalized scissor fob 
for the winner, that will match the 
Victory Garden Pinkeep kit
that was just sent out to club memebers.
Wish I could enter....LOL

I'll be back soon.... I've taken some more
shots of the garden.  It's really coming along
and things have started to really fill in and out.
Have a great weekend my friends.
Smiles, ~Nan

Friday, June 21, 2013

New Release and Giveaway Winner

Well, it has been one busy morning.
Packing up all the finished pieces that sold
in my Etsy Shop yesterday.  I'll be shipping
them today.  Thank you, friends.
Stitching on a newly designed 
sampler that I just love♥ and drawing a name 
for the winner of my Civil War Needlebook Kit.
Thank you to all who entered.
So without further adieu.
The winner is......
 Congrats!!!!  I'll be contacting you shortly :)
I hope you'll enjoy stitching it.
I also promised to post the release of my 
newest Bee design.  I know many of you
have emailed me about it and have been 
very anxious to see it.  You are all so sweet! 

It's called "A Bee's Bounty"

It still features that cute little bee, along with
some Blackeyed Susan and a honeycomb.

 The finished bag is approx. 5 ¼“ wide by 11” high 
and stitched on 32ct R & R Reproductions 
Creme Brulee linen using WDW Schneckly
 and Dirt Road.  GA Dried Thyme and 
Espresso Bean.  A color conversion 
for using all DMC threads is provided.
( I hope my friend Bonnie is smiling )
I used a piece of black twill tape for the stripe
on the bag to give it that French grain sack look.

Well, I sure hope you like what I've created and 
you know I always love to hear your feedback :)
Hope to do a bit more stitching on the new 
Sampler and then maybe show you a peek.
Been working almost no stop in the garden
these days because the weather has been so perfect.

Sincere thanks for stopping by my 
humble blog and for all the smiles you provide me.
Thanks again to all who participated in my
little giveaway.  It was fun and you helped
boost my facebook page to over 100 more likes.
You guys are the best! 
Smiles, ~Nan

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Had to paste a code in order to claim my blog on Bloglovin' !
Hope this works.  Added the picture just to make the post pretty :)

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Finished Goods

It's a good day for some finished goods :)
I love to create and make finished 
goods for sale, but don't always have
the time to do so with so many other pending
obligations.  I'm not complaining....I am loving life and 
having the best time designing and being apart

I've had a chance to get a few things stitched
lately and will be posting them in my Etsy Shop
later today.  Thought I'd show you
a peek at them here on the blog first.
Patriotic Drawstring Ditty Bag
Strawberry Pot Pinkeep
1776 Pincushion
Antique Reproduction Pincushion #1

Antique Reproduction Pincushion #2
So as you can see, I do try and keep these
idle hands busy with the craft I love.
Before I sign off, I just want to thank everyone
and all the Ladies Prim Society members
for their wonderful response to the 
next design release.
Smiles all around :)
Hugs and happy stitching! ~Nan

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Victory Garden Pinkeep

I'm so pleased to show you the full reveal of the next
"Victory  Garden" pinkeep

It's stitched on 2 different color R&R linens and
comes with a full charted alphabet, so that you
can personalize it with the letter of your choice.

I also made one for the girls of Dyeing to Stitch
which will be on display at their shop in case
you get a chance to visit them in Va. Beach.
I really need to get back down there for some 
good ol' girl time with them.
Ann is having another contest for the club members.
Make sure to visit her blog, Dyeing to Tell You
 to find out all about it
and the prize she is giving away this time.
She's already begun shipping this kit out to the
club members...... I call her the Annergizer Bunny :)

I'm also excited to tell you that I'll be releasing my
next Summer bee design on Friday, called
"A Bee's Bounty" 
I'm super excited about the way this turned out.
It's already in the hands of my distributor and
Dyeing to Stitch will be getting them this week too.

Plus, don't forget.....I'll be announcing the winner of
my Civil War Needlebook kit on Friday too,
 so there's still time to enter.   Here's the link
Thank you to all,  who have already entered.
I'll be back soon!
Smiles, ~Nan

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

It is just a beautiful morning here.
I sat outside in the gardens this morning with my
 cup of coffee and enjoyed the sounds of nature.
I took my camera to get some new shots.

The birds were so happy and our resident
mockingbird was practicing her dozen or
so tunes.
Papa Robin was celebrating the day with a 
quick rinse in the fountain.

We really are having a wonderful Spring this year
and the garden is a real reflection of that.
 Cool mornings and nights and warm days, but
not too warm.
I love how beautiful the clematis looks on
the new iron trellis we purchased for it.
May just be a perfect day for 
a ride in my beloved Islander.
Take the tops off and feel the wind.
This is my mode of transportation.
as where my hubby prefers his Harley :)
I wish for you all the joys of this day and
hope you get some time today to  slow down 
and enjoy the things you love.
Hugs and smiles, ~Nan

Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Flag Day my friends!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How 'bout a giveaway

Thank you for all your wonderful comments
and emails regarding the Ladies Prim Society 
sneak peek.  Can't wait to show you 
the whole reveal.
x x x
It's just a beautiful day here in Philly and
I've been feeling very blessed and happy.
That calls for a giveaway, don't you think?
x x x
Since I had such a great response to
my Civil War Needlebook and
since I only have a smidgen of
that wonderful antique ribbon left
and since it's almost 4th of July :)
......all good reasons right?

I'd like to give one of my kits away.
There is a bit of a catch.... ;p
I'd like to get more visits to my
Threadwork Primitives Facebook Page.
So, all you need to do is
leave a comment on this post and
"LIKE" my page.  You'll then be entered
in the giveaway for a chance to win the
Civil War Needlebook kit.
If you're already  a fan of my page,
then you're already entered.
Not too difficult, right?
The link to my page is on my sidebar
or just click on the picture below.

I will randomly draw a winner on June 21st,
the first day of Summer
and announce it here on my blog. 
I'll most likely contact the winner by fb!
x x x

Enjoy this beautiful day and good luck!
Smiles, ~Nan

Monday, June 10, 2013

A little bit of a Ladies Prim Society reveal

As a few pics of the sneak
peek for my next Ladies Prim Society
piece.  Wanted this one to be a little
different and I am excited about it.
Watch for the whole reveal soon!

I'm sure Ann and Pat will be busy kitting 
this week and from what I understand,
plans are to start shipping on the 18th.
x x x
They have done such a wonderful
job with this club.  Kudos to them.

The finished model will be on 
display at Dyeing to Stitch,
 if you'd like to stop by the shop.
Rumor has it there's another 
contest in the works!
x x x 
I just can't tell you how much
I love being apart of this club and 
hope all of you, who have joined,
 are having fun with it.
On a personal note, yesterday was
my DH birthday. 
He treated himself to a morning
ride on his Harley and I just had to get
some shots of my handsome guy.
Happy Birthday sweetheart.
Life is so easy knowing my whole world 
fits inside of your arms.
Love you more than I have words.
Thanks for visiting and as always, I love 
hearing from you.
Happy Stitching. ~ Nan

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Still Another Stitcher's Finish...and More

Guess we're on a roll here gang.  YAY!

Judy of Attic Raggedys and a fellow member of
Samplermakers with me, sent in two pics of her finishes.
First is "Grey House"
Just lovely and in the perfect frame.
"Happy 4th"
She wanted to be able to leave this out all year
so she left off the saying.
Beautiful stitching Judy.
 Thanks for sharing your stitches with us.
Here's something I completed a few weeks ago 
and thought I'd add it to this finishing post ; )
I stitched "Down Virginia Way"
Yep....again :)  I just really enjoy this pattern so much.
I turned under the edges, stitched a tiny running stitch 
to hold the seams in place and then
 attached it to a piece of frayed homespun.  I wrapped
it around an old tea tin and just sewed it together in
the back where the homespun met.
It's a keeper :)
Our gardens are starting to really take off with blooms.
Hope to show you some new pics of it soon.
Stitching a few summer designs that I hope to 
put in my Etsy shop for sale, so keep watching.
AND don't forget.... the next Ladies Prim Society
design release is due out very soon!
I know I promised a sneak peek......soon, soon.  
I haven't forgotten.
I know you club members are excited and
 I'm probably more excited than you. lol  It's true! 
I love this club.  It's so much fun!!!!
 I'll be back with another post soon.
Smiles, ~Nan

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another Stitcher's Finish

Boy, I just love when these roll in......
It's always so much fun for me to see a
 design I've created, stitched by a fellow stitcher 
and how creative you all can be with your finishing. 
Here is a finish by Annie.  She stitched
the Dutch Tulip freebie and created a
luggage tag.  What a fun idea!
She stitched this with 
DMC colors...... 356, 407, 433, 758.
I love that Annie changed the colors
to give it her own creative touch.  It's just really super.  
I'd like a whole set of these for traveling : )
Annie and I must have been in the same
mindset.  I recently finished my Dutch 
Tulip piece to cover a book.
Doing a covered book was a first for me.
I want to thank my dear friend Mimi for 
helping me with this finish
during our stitching play date.
I am so pleased with the way it turned out.
Gearing up for the next Ladies Prim Society 
release. Hosted by Dyeing to Stitch.
Hope to have a sneak peek for you
by weeks end.
I'm really excited about this one.
Can't wait!

Hope your day is filled with happy stitches!
Smiles, ~Nan

Monday, June 3, 2013

A Stiticher's Finish

You's been awhile since I received a finish 
to post.  This one is just wonderful.
Bonnie sent me this picture of the finish
she did on the Lancaster Co. Coverlet
pattern.  It was stitched on 48ct over 2 and
came out to be 5 1/2" w. x 3 1/4" h.
It sure looks sweet on that 48.
She now has a coverlet collection because she
had stitched these others by The Scarlett House.
All of 48ct so they'd be about the same size.

What a great collection you have going there Bonnie.
Thanks for stitching Lancaster Co and sharing it with us.

My hubby, Bill and I took a little trip this weekend
to Baltimore Harbor to meet up with some friends, 
Ivonne of The Crackling Crows and her hubby Kevin.
Ivonne, Bill, and myself
We had the best time hanging out at this
open air pub called Leinenkugels. 
 Despite the heat we walked around afterwards and
took in the harbor sights.
(Need to get that shot of Kevin out of the camera):(
It was so wonderful to spend time with them
again.  We had lots of laughs and we hope
to do it again soon.
Spending time with good friend is really
great for the soul.
Wouldn't you agree?
Smiles, ~Nan