Friday, December 14, 2012

Good Friends

and a new banner !
 I was so surprised to get 
this in the mail the other day.
 Yes, my dear sweet friend
Ivonne of The Crackling Crows 
gifted me
with another one of her wonderful
banners.  She thought it
appropriate since she says
I'm always creating.
I just love it!  Isn't it a beauty?
If you don't own one of Ivonne's
awesome banners already,
you'll have to check out her blog!  
I have it hanging in my studio 
on an antique quilt rack
where I keep some of my
favorite ticking.
Ivonne, I am so thankful to call you
my friend.  You are so sweet
and such a joy to have in my life.   
Girl, you know I love you,
right? : )
Thank you from the bottom of 
~*~ ~*~ ~*~
And today I was so excited to be all
  caught up on things,
that I stitched some of 
the morning away.  
( My most favorite thing to do : )
I fell in love with this prim little design
when Lori at Notforgotten Farm
posted the freebie on her blo
a little while ago.
This is what I've stitched so far.
 Hope to have it finished soon.
Happy Weekend all.
PS.  I'll be posting a sneak peek of
the Ladies Prim Society piece
soon, so stay tuned.  If you're interested
in signing up for this exclusive club,
which will also features
Blackbird Designs,
visit the Dyeing to Stitch website
for more information.    


denise said...

sure will!!! sounds like a fun club. denise

cucki said...

Sweet stitching:)
Have a wonderful day x

moosecraft said...

Perfect banner and you displayed it perfectly too! Love the quilt rack! Happy Stitching!

Unknown said...

How lucky you are!! the stitch is simply wonderful!