Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Bit of Eye Candy

Hi Friends,
Thought I'd show you 
what I picked up while at 
Dyeing to Stitch last weekend for 
their birthday celebration.
Yes, wonderful R & R linen.
My true obsession.
In some colors I actually didn't have : )
Mink and Coffee Bean. 
Along with some of their beautiful trims
and a few pretty new silk threads
by The Thread Gatherer 
and Crescent Colours.
x x x x x 
Today I spent a bit of stitching
time on the Primitive Needle
Kindred Spirits piece I've been 
working on.  
 Slow but steady.  I'm pretty sure I'll
have this done by next
Halloween :D.
I stitched this on the recommended 
color linen, Days gone by, but 
now I wish I had just stitched
it on some of my R & R linen.
It always goes along so much
 faster and more enjoyable.   
Either way though,    
stitching always seems to make 
whatever little worries I have
fade.  Don't you agree?
x x x
Well, I hope your day is full of
things you love and no worries too.


cucki said...

hello dear, beautiful material..very pretty stash and lovely stitching..
love for you x

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

I love the Linen!!! Beautiful colors and those fibers are great! Can't wait to see what you stitch on and with them!!!

~*Sharee*~ said...

Love your new material hun; I don't have those either "YET"...LOL; I do agree; we are so blessed that our stitching can "take us away"; like " I'm getting ready to do kit up a ornament and stitch tonight while watching the Steelers..:)

Hugs, Shar

Mouse said...

oooo nice stash :) I shall be having a wee stash haul experience this next weekend at Harrogate ... had to laugh at your it will be done by next Halloween ... all mine will be too hehehehe :) take care and happy stitching : ) love mouse xxxxx

Farm Girl said...

Very pretty. I love those colors. I think it is nice you found those colors. They are just lovely. So is what you are working on too.

Myra said...

Lovely stash enhancements Nan. I always say stitching is my sanity. :o)

moosecraft said...

Beautiful threads and linens! I'm glad I'm not the only one still stitching Halloween... lol! Yours is looking fabulous!

Unknown said...

Waw, I always would like to try R&R linen ut in Italy is not so easy to find....cute the stitch!

Susan Pilotto said...

Lucky the stitching goodies you bought!!! Hugs Susan