Thursday, November 20, 2014

Late for my sneak peek

Hello All
I was away form many a day.  Took a trip with friends to Ohio for the "From our Hands and Hearts" Show.  Hosted by Lori Ann Corelis and Rebekah L. Smith....two of the finest Folk Artists around.   I'll try and post pics next week.  It was lots of fun, but I'm behind and just now getting to my blog post.
Tonight is our Primitive Handmades Merchantile update!  I'm all ready and I've worked all day putting the finishing touches on my pieces, other than a long phone chat with one of my best buds.....Always need to take time for that!   Hope you'll stop by to take a peek at what we've all created this month.
 Here's one of my handmades.

Smiles to you all.


carol fun said...

LOVE this! and I have some of that checked fabric in my stash - can't wait to stitch this!

MoonBeam said...

So sweet...especially on the gingham type linen.


karin said...

love this one!!!!

denise said...

love that and the checked fabric!

Kate said...

Lovely, lovely piece! ^^

moosecraft said...

Gorgeous! And.... I see you're already all sold out! :-) Congrats!