Friday, September 27, 2013

Day To Play

Took the day off, so to speak, and played hooky.  Well, from cross stitch anyway.
I decided to decorate a bit more and just do some creating in a different medium.
I can honestly say, if had to work in something other than cross stitch, I'd be up to my elbows in working with wool every day and loving it.  I am a huge fan of Maggie B. and I thought I'd play a bit.  I picked a small and doable piece from her book Nature's Offering.

"Acorn and Leaf Needlebook"
I put my own little spin on it and used a real acorn cap for the top.  I collected a whole bunch of these last year in hopes of creating something with them.  See, you just never know. There's a lot of hand stitching to this project, but today was such a slow and easy day, I had time to just breath and stitch at a comfortable pace :)
x  x  x  x  x
I lit one of my favorite candles and the wonderful smell of Banana Nut Bread has filled the house and makes it feel even more like Fall.
 This is my most favorite hooked rug made by Kimberly Bouffard
I'm pretty sure this is a Notforgotten Farm design.  Coolest pumpkin ever.  I make sure to put this out every year.

Here are a few more pics of what's around the house.
The gameboard below was purchased from a very talented artist on Etsy.
Here's the link to his shop.
 Can you tell how much I love my friend Ivonne's banners?  They are in every corner of the house.  Still have plenty of pieces to unpack and display.  Yep, this is my favorite holiday, so it will be Fall/Halloween OVERLOAD at our house.  No biggie, hubby is way use to it by now :)
Hope your day was full of creativity and all the things you love.
Smiles, ~Nan


Bertie said...

Love the acorn and leaf, another great idea!
Have a lovely weekend:))

Bianca said...

Great decorating, and just the thought of the banana bread candle...yum!!

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

everything looks so pretty Nan ~ love that game board!!!

Laura said...

Your decorations are totally fabulous!!!!!! Love all of them!!!! Glad you took a day to play!

Karen said...

Love your Leaf Needlebook with the acorn. I had some of these too.... now to see if I can actually find them! Happy crafting....

Pamela said...

The leaf needlebook is beautiful! Love the acorn!!!
Your home is certainly in the Halloween mood! Love your decorations and especially the gameboard and banners!

Raymond Homestead said...

Love the little acorn!

Three Sheep Studio said...

I want a day to play !!
The needlebook is beautiful - what a treasure.
Loving your Autumn decorations, complete with a yummy candle. Looks like you're cozied in for the cool weather. ;)

moosecraft said...

Fall/Halloween overload in our house too! :-) I absolutely LOVE the black cat gameboard you have there! Do you know of where there are more of them? You did a fabulous job of stitching up Maggie B's acorn needlebook! The real acorn cap is just the perfect finishing touch! Wool is VERY addictive! I'm running out of storage space for my stash here... lol!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

beauty abounds in every corner :)
I must say, I love those banners myself!

Unknown said...

Wonderful acorn I love your finish so much!!! The pictures of your home are really full of details that I like sooooo much!!!

Sharon said...

I love your acorn and leaf needle case! Very pretty! Your fall decor looks wonderful.

annie said...

I love the acorn & needlebook!
Your photos are wonderful!

Beehive Needleworks said...

Oh my, what a splendid project ... I especially fancy the wee acorn. Your Autumn decorations are ever so seasonal and festive ... very lovely.
Wishing you joy...

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