Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Bit More Progress

Seems like there was so much
to do today and I have even more
to do tomorrow, so.....
 I thought I'd post a little something 
I did get some more stitching
done in the early morning hours. 
  Here's the progress on my 
new little design.

Still need to stitch that border
around it and then the finishing.
It will be small and sweet!
Reason being, it's stitched on 40ct 
I'm thinking it will make a prim
little pinkeep and hope to
have more time to devote to it
this weekend. 
 x x x x x
Now, I was just sent a picture of this
finish this morning by Nita (no blog).
She stitched Happy 4th 
for an exchange that her 
Kansas Stitcher's group was having.  
Her buddy Pam in Iowa was the lucky 
recipient.  Nita was so funny. She
said they welcome all neighboring 
stitchers :)
Wonderful stitching and finishing
Nita and I love the pins.  
I'm sure Pam was thrilled
to receive it.  Thank you so
much for sending me the picture.
I love it. 
 Until next time.... 
Happy stitches!


Keeper of the Crowes said...

I love your new design, Nan. It's a "must stitch" for me!

pj said...

Of course I loved it! Glad to see it on your blog is adorable!!!!

I am lucky that the KS stitchers included me. I know a few of them so we have a connection.

pam in iowa

Penny said...

LOVE your new design!!! I'm working on a few of your patterns now.... and may just have to add this one to the pile!
Wonderful finish on the 4th of July pinkeep!

marly said...

Wow Nan. That's more than "a bit" of progress for two days!! This design looks like we could get 3 small pinkeeps plus a larger of the full design! I like it.

Beehive Needleworks said...

A lovely new design! Such a stately Manor indeed....although, truth be told, I would not fancy washing all of those windows!
Peaceful stitching...

Bertie said...

A gorgeous design Nan, lovely colours too!

Kathy L. said...

I love the new design but I love all your designs.
What a great finish by Nita. Love the design and the cute pins.

Can't wait to see the whole design.

moosecraft said...

Your new design is fabulous! Nita did a wonderful job of stitching up Happy 4th!

Sandra said...

Looks wonderful Nan. You are a quick stitcher or do you just stay up all night. You must be feeling better.

msmartello said...

Very sweet design Nan! Can't wait to see it finished.

Unknown said...

Wonderful stitch my dear Nan!

Karen said...

such a nice prim stitch... can't wait to see the finish!

happy stitching....

Michelle said...

Lovely design Nan x

Babs in Alabama said...

I love this design, Nan, and to see the beautiful creative finish by Nita is always an honor to any designer. Glad you shared it with us :)