Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Peek

A peek of something to come.....
A pretty tone one tone design using Cherry Pit Brown linen by 
Dames of the Needle.
Hope to have a release of this in a few weeks.

Heading on a trip out to Ohio this week for the From Our Hands & Hearts Show
in Peninsula.   My friends and I had such a great time last year we knew we'd make
the trip out again this year.
We'll be at the Friday night preview show.....If you're going...hope to see you there!

Smiles, ~Nan


CathieJ said...

That new pattern looks wonderful.

Robin in Virginia said...

Looking forward to seeing the entire design, Nan! Do I spy a deer?

Laura said...

Is it rude to say....hurry up Nan!!! LOL!!!!!

Angie said...

Nan, I'm jealous that you're going to the show but I hope to go sometime soon. I'm still saving up because I know it will break the bank lol. Love your new design. Can't wait:)

Sweet Sue said...

have always adored tone on tone designs, very good eye on this one nan! safe journey to you:)

Ronda said...

Love this Nan!

Donut Do said...

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