Thursday, October 22, 2015

I'm doing a little thing on Facebook called "Today's thought....."
I know many of my followers are not on FB, so I thought I'd share them here.
(especially for my friend Robin B.)

Today's thought........"Never let success go to your head and never let failure go to your heart".

Smiles, Nan


Robin in Virginia said...

Love the picture you shared, Nan! Very lovely quote as well! Sending you a smile!

Robin in Virginia

marie said...

Thanks for the post for your blogger friends. Yes, not everyone is on FB, even though most of the world thinks so.

Lady Locust said...

Not a facebooker here. And what a lovely quote. Thank you.

moosecraft said...

Perfect thought! And, love the picture too!

Anonymous said...

Oh I like that thought! and the beautiful Indian Summer piece. Isn't autumn just the best!

Fran said...

Beautiful! Both the thought and the picture.
Not on facebook either. Thank you.