Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Stitcher's Finish

Hi all.  I have a finish to show you done by 
my blogging friend Michelle.
She has stitched Enchanted Crow and 
has it already to display for Halloween.
She says that it so reminds her of the hat
in Harry Potter.  I would agree since I 
just love those movies.
Thanks Michelle, well done and it's great 
to see your finish.
* * * * *
As you know, if you've read my last post, 
my beloved Brother sewing machine got 
fried during the big Hurricane Irene 
storm and I've been out of commission
so to speak.  
There was no delay in me finding and ordering a new one and it arrived, in all it's glory, yesterday.
Oh joy!  Sewing bliss!  I spent today testing it out
and got a few things finished up.  
Boy, does it feel good 
 to be sewing again.  
Presenting..... Brother Se-400.
It's awesome.
I hope to show you some new finishes soon.
* * * * * 
I also have 2 patterns that are almost ready 
for releasing.  One is an alphabet sampler 
that Mimi of Restoration of My 
Humble Heart and I created together 
and the other is the
Oct. Jack Pinkeep that I stitched and 
showed you in my  last post.
Plus, I have a freebie planned!  
I know, I know, we all love freebies! ; )
Happy Stitching.


Nan said...

I love Michelle's finish! Well done!
I'm a tad bit envious of your new sewing machine but sorry for the way you lost your old one.
Take Care!

Laura said...

Can't wait!!! Also, so glad you were able to get another sewing machine right away!

Gathering Threads said...

Oh BROTHER! Glad to see you're up and running again, new machine looks wonderful. Now to see what you've been working on!

Take care

AliceKiss said...