Friday, July 29, 2011

*A Stitcher's Finish AND Some News*

It 's been a hot and tiring week and I'm so glad that the weekend is finally here.
Those babies at the daycare can sure wear
a girl out : )
* * * *
Well, a few more fabulous finishes have come in that I just had to post and show you.
First up is from my friend Sanae.  She stitched the "Pins Wreath" freebie on some 32ct Birds of a Feather Nighingale linen and used GA Freedom, Maple Syrup and Grecian Gold.  She has a beautiful blog Tussie Mussie and has so many stitched pieces that are just remarkable.  You'll have to pop over and spend some time there.
* * * * 
Next is another finish sent in by Dora.  She has done such a beautiful job of stitching and finishing "Star Spangled".  She stitched this on 35ct Conferderate Gray. 
It's a really great new color from WDW.  I just got some in 30ct and it would work for
so many projects.  It's just a beautiful color.  
Dora said she loved making the strawberry fob and has made a few more to go with other finishes.  Oh, I'm so glad.  Stitching should be fun.
Thanks girls for sending in your photos.  I do love to see all the creativity of my fellow stitchers.
* * * * 
FYI... There are some new designs on the horizon.  
I hope to give you more info and possibly a sneak peak this weekend.


moosecraft said...

Wonderful finishes! Looking forward to seeing your next designs... I have all next week off as vacation... so I hope to get quite a bit of stitching done!

sana said...

Thank you Nan.
I'll be looking forward to seeing your new designs.