Sunday, November 21, 2010

Revised Wall Pocket

So I showed my hubby the wall pocket I made and his comment was, "How does anyone know there's a  pocket?  You need to put something it in so they can tell there's one there."
You know, sometimes he's so right.
Here is my revised photo of the Merry Christmas Wall Pocket.
I likey much better now ;D
Again, here's the link for the wall pocket tutorial that Robby put together.

I also did a bit of long overdue stitching on some pieces that have been lingering in my unfinished pile.  And my pile consisted of 2 things.  If you know me you know I almost always finish what I'm working on before moving on to something else.  But my Stacy Nash Blackhorse was more stitching than I expected and I had to get ready for my TDIPT listing and a few other things.
So that's my excuse for that piece. 

The other piece is this Goode Huswife, Queen's Diamond.  Something I started about 2 years ago.  I started stitching it and was having so much trouble with the fabric when I realized I had started stitching in the wrong holes.  I don't know if you know what I mean, but I find on linen there are obvious x's to stitch in and then there are the not so obvious ones.  Well, I picked a not so obvious one to start in and by the time I realized it, the only thing to do was rip it all out and start over or forge on.   I was determined to go on with it, but could only manage a few stitches now and then because it was NOT enjoyable. Anyway, I put the final stitches in it last night and I'm sooooooo happy.

I love the colors and I think I'll get it framed and hang it to remind me to be persistent : )
Happy Stitching!


moosecraft said...

Great finish on the wall pocket... and Love the Queen's diamond! Almost looks like it was stitched of tiny beads!

Joy said...

Nan, I love the wall pocket and although I knew it's purpose, I guess your hubby was right, it does show better with your items in it.

I have to start on the "vertical thread" of linen or it takes me forever to finish! Congrats on your finish. I don't know how not to have "piles"!

Happy Week!

Robin said...

Love your finishes! I always am inspired after reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

I must agree,,,it looks better with something in the pocket. Love the SN horse project, its on my list of want to's.

Have a wonderful day..

Simple blessings,

clob said...

Thank you for the idea of assembling your pretty freebie "merry christmas"!
I had the pleasure of stitching .... recovering in hospital ... this week ...

the red background is very pleasing to the eye
Many thanks
have a good day !

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Everything you stitch is beautiful. I get inspired everytime you post.

Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

Thank you so much for your comments dear friends. They are my inspiration and mean the world to me.

KarenV said...

Lovely finishes! I really like the penny rug style border of the SN piece :)

Charlene ♥ NC said...

I agree with starting in the hole to the left of a vertical - not to mention that you were stitching on black... That's a challenge in and of itself!! But it is lovely! And I can't wait to see how you finish blackhorse.

Sharon said...

Love the wall pocket! It's lovely and your finishes are beautiful. I love the Stacy Nash and now I am off to find that one for myself!

The Wooden Acorn said...

Simply perfect! Love it!

GoldieLoo Woodworks said...

Love all of your work Nanners. Outstanding,as always! And the wall pocket is pure eye candy.Hugs~~Pam