Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Take a Peek

I just recently finished this piece.  I actually stitched
two of them.  One will be made into a pinkeep
and the other will be put on top of a box.
This is a design by Plum Street Samplers,
but I changed to word from Welcome to 
I wanted it to have a more Halloween feel.
This is the fabric that I think I will use to cover the box.
I'll post some pics of the finished pieces and hope
also show you the Stacy Nash piece I'm stitching 
right now, called Black Horse.
Happy Stitching,


Anonymous said...

Clever change on wording.
I like the fabric too. Good choice in my book.

Catherine said...

Love the change in the wording!! You need to send this pic to Paulette to show on her blog!

Unknown said... sorry to hear that you were ill...but, very happy that you are on the mend!

What a great idea for My Pretties (I love PSS too)...and I love how Broomhilda turned out.

Your new Halloween pattern is adorable (I'll be emailing you in a minute, LOL!) reminds me of the Tootsie Pop Owl!


Moonpie primitives said...

Hi Nan:
I love your sneak peek....Can't wait to see it finished...Also I really love that you changed welcome to beware...super scary...
Happy stitching, Nancy

Karen said...

Too cute as have a very creative mind.

Marianne said...

Very creative! Can't wait to see the finishes!

Siobhán said...

That is so pretty! Yes, definitely show it to Paulette!

clob said...

oh yes i have stitch .... the little witch on this pattern ! so beautiful black bird !i wait to see the finish

Maria said...

beatiful stitch and can't wait to see it finished..
ciao Maria