Saturday, December 19, 2009

* * * Let It Snow * * *

This was just the beginning.

It was actually a perfect day.  We were warmed 
by the fire, we had lots of hot tea and we even popped popcorn and drizzled it with some warm butter.

I got in some stitching too :) 

 It's still snowing like crazy out there, 
with no sign of letting up.  
Oh well, I guess more shoveling tomorrow.  
That counts as exercise, right?

Got to work off that buttered popcorn!

Stay Warm


big city prims said...

Isn't this some wild snow?!?! LOL! Lots of drifting here in Bensalem!Stay warm and safe!

~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

Oh what a pretty snow, I so wish we would get some. My area too often gets ice storms.I hope you have not lost power.~~Pam

bayrayschild said...

Yes Nan, shoveling snow does count as excersise and boy do I have that down.

It hasn't snowed here in a couple of days but I got a feeling it's on it's way.

Love your picture!
I'm off to the store, that popcorn sure sounds good!


Robby said...

We have snow too!!!! It can go now....I love it when it is falling! xxxRobby

Anonymous said...

Hi Nan! How much snow did u end up with? I just wanted 2 wish u and yours HAPPY HOLIDAYS;)

Paula said...

Dear Nan,

The snow is beautiful! I am so glad you enjoyed buttered popcorn, tea, a warm fireplace and stitiching! A lovely day, indeed!

Love and best Christmas wishes!

P.S. I did a blog post with your beautiful box and stitchery (it is in my previous post, and the current one, too). I love it! Don't feel you need to leave a comment, but I would love for you to see it if time allows.

Tallowberry Primitives said...

Nan, I'm so glad you're now a part TDIPT, you do such lovely work!

I've enjoyed my visit and I have added your link on my blog.


Carol Roll said...

Nan really enjoyed your blog! Your stitcheries are so sweet and lovely. I'm drooling over that strawberry!!!! Stay warm!