Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cross Stitch Challenge...Photos

Today I finished my Peacock Challenge piece! I decided to use the entire pattern because I love old samplers and just adored the pattern the way it was.
I made it into a pinkeep. One of my favorite things to stitch. I did add the date to it which is the date that the real sampler was made. I wanted this to look European so I used some bold colors. I stitched this up using weeks dye works threads in Turkish Red, Swamp Water and Gold on 32 count linen.
After it was all stitched I ordered this fabric online because it had all of my floss colors in it. It's called civil war classics. I stuffed this with sawdust and added a herringbone stitch to the front. I also whipped stitched the ends closed.
I really enjoyed making this. It was such a fun challenge.


Robby said...

That is fantastic. Wow....don't know how you could sell that one. I am blown away....and it is so addictive!!! xxxRobby

Gollywobbles said...

Make that 2 people that are blown away! Nan it is so awesome!!! Hugs, Sam

~Judy~ said...

Make that 3!!! Such beautiful work. I love all your pieces. Wish I could find patterns like those.

Keep stitching!