Saturday, September 7, 2013

Slow Days Of Summer

How I will miss them.
Taking the day to enjoy the beautiful weather and stitch outside.  I always feel very lucky when I have time to do this.  I've taken inspiration from the garden by selecting a pallet
of faded mauve,  greens and maybe a bit of gray.  I've only just started this piece, but it's feels easy and comfortable, like an old friend.
The gardens have started to fade, but there are some plants that are at their best right now.
I thought I'd take a few pics of them to show you.
The Sedum, Autumn Joy is a buzz with bees and butterflies and even a few praying mantis, which are considered to be good luck.  I always makes sure to say hello to them so they know they are welcome :)

And the Liriope is so beautiful this year with it's purple spikey flowers and variegated foliage.
Even the Hydrangea looks great with it's faded blooms.  I love to cut and dry them
to place in a white ironstone pitcher. 
I hope you are getting time to enjoy what you love on this beautiful day.
Sweet smiles to you all.
Hugs, ~Nan


msmartello said...

I am loving the colors on your new project.Can't wait to see it evolve!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

They are all so beautiful Picked up A Bees Gathering at LNS this afternoon--will stitch this during the winter while I am planning next year's garden. Thank you for the great design!

Three Sheep Studio said...

Lovely flowers. Each time I see Hydrangea, I want to grow some of my own.
Great start on your sampler...eager to see it as it moves along. Really like the soft and dreamy colors you have chosen.

Jennifer said...

That Liriope is one I don't have in my collection yet. I'll have to make a trip to the garden center this week! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos.

moosecraft said...

Mmmm... there's nothing better than sunshine, flowers and stitches! The sunlight this time of year is so golden and tranquil. Your new start looks beautiful!

Michelle said...

It looks lovely - love the colours x

cucki said...

Very pretty colors x