Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fun day to play

It's not too often that I take a day off to
play.  I'm pretty much a workaholic.
But, as I mentioned yesterday, my
stitching buddy, Mimi came for a visit
and we played most of the day.
We purchased some new wools and velvets from
Blackberry Primitives a few weeks ago.
Their wools and velvets are just YUMMY.
We decided our project of the day
would be strawberries.
These were just the perfect colors for the task.
Since I can't cook to save my life, Mimi always
makes us a special lunch and it's always
something new and delicious.
Today was a broiled crab and cheese mixture 
on English muffins and fresh brewed 
iced tea.  It was very, very yummy :)
My part is to help Mimi with the finishing
and I think I get the best part of the deal
 since I get fed :D
Anyway..... Here are our velvet strawberries.
Mine is the pink with sequin pins and Mimi's is the red
with little black seed beads.
She will finish the rest of hers at home since we
ran out of time.  We do a lot of talking and show
and tell and the day really flies.
It was lots of fun and it's really good to take a break
from it all now and then.
I love our playdates!
x x x x x
She also brought the frame I ordered for
the new sampler design.  OOOH LA LA.

Love it and can't wait to get her all framed up
and looking beautiful.
x x x x x 
Well, I'm creatively exhausted :)
Bee back soon......hint, hint, hint.
 Smiles, ~Nan


moosecraft said...

Love that frame!

linda said...

That frame is absolutely wonderful! Love Blackberry Primitives too; I ordered some wool from them last month.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Sweet berries.
LOVE the frame.
Hugs :)

Orange Sink said...

Sounds like you girls had the perfect play day! Love the strawberries and those fabrics! Can't wait to see your new creation all framed in that lovely frame!!
Cathy G

Three Sheep Studio said...

A play day is a treasure to have - and even better with a friend !
Love your sweet strawberries.

Chris said...

Sounds like a perfect day. I love those strawberries, the fabrics are lovely.

NMK said...

So much fun to spend the day with a very creative friend, fuels your inspiration & creativity...Love your strawberries !

Robin said...

What a fun play date you had with your friend! And what an enabler you are with the Blackberry Primitives site. By the way, I love that frame molding. Would you share more details like company, molding name if there is one?

Robin in Virginia

HollyXSing said...

I have that frame moulding on several of my stitched samplers! It's one of my "go-to" frames!

I loved your strawberries!
Now, please post the Bee Piece...I am getting so impatient! Sorry:(

All the best,


Elisabetta said...

The velvets are beautiful but the frame....really UHLALAAAAAA!!!!!

Raymond Homestead said...

Sweet berries! I've seen Blackberry Primitives velvets and just love them!

Karen said...

Love your strawberries. Can't wait to see the bee design too.

Roberta said...

Fabulous frame! Love how the strawberries turned out too. ~Roberta