Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Finishing Day

Today I decided to work on a piece I stitched a few years ago and never got around to finishing......bad, bad me.  It seems when I have personal stitches, I can at times, just slip them away in a drawer for finishing another time.  Life is very busy and they sometimes get forgotten.
This piece has crept into my mind lately and I marked this day to finally get it done.
 I'm so glad I did :)

This is by the designer The Pinkeep called "Faded Past".  It came as a kit but I ended up using my  own fabrics for the inside and did my own thing.

I'm feeling accomplished that another piece of stitching is out of the drawer and all done.
I will enjoy using this sweet prim needleroll and displaying when not in use.

Happy stitching and smiles, 


Robin in Virginia said...

What a lovely finished finish, Nan! I am not familiar with that designer. Would you happen to have any additional information?

Sweet Sue said...

love this beauty, so much talent you have! always wanted to try making one, no gumption, silly me to be scared of a lil needlebook lol. wishing you a sweet weekend nan 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

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