Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ohio Treasure

"Ohio Treasure" cross stitch design is an antique adaptation of an original sample from Ohio, date 1800-1850 and is held by the Wisconsin Historical Society. This will be the last year this design is available. This was originally released in 2013 and was given a 5 year window for sale by the WHS and I have a limited number of charts left.

Please email me at if interested in purchasing. 
Thank you.


susan hemann said...

lovely work!

moosecraft said...

I absolutely LOVE this piece! Enjoyed every stitch of it... and even invested the funds to get it professionally framed! :-) I hope that whoever was on the fence to stitch this up, gets to purchase a copy of your pattern! Have a wonderful weekend!

CindyC said...

I love this and am so excited to receive mine, Nan! :) <3

Deborah Tate said...

How wonderful. I just ordered it and look forward to stitching this.

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

I have mine! It is finished.
I love it and display it with appreciation for what it represents. My learned experience working on this piece, and then framing it was all rewarding.
Thanks for sharing,

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