Sunday, October 20, 2013

~*~Some Fun Stitching~*~

I love Sunday's.  They are my lazy day with my hubby.
We cook a big meal or I should say, he cooks a big meal, while I stitch.  We watch football and basically just relax and enjoy each others company.
I have been stitching and lots of it is just fun stuff:)
If you follow my blog, you know that I've been taking horseback riding lessons and the horse I'm riding is Sunny.  
My second heartthrob♥
Anyway, I've been wanting to stitch Farmstead Christmas by Plum Street Samplers since last year.  We all no how that goes ; )  I decided this was a good time and I was showing my hubby what I was going to work on and he suggested I change one of the horses in the sampler to Sonny.......What a fab idea.  See why I just love him so much? :))))  Now, I was even more inspired to start stitching it.
Here's my progress so far....I couldn't wait to put the stitches in Sunny and his fence.
So far I'm loving it.  I'm thinking of stitching an "S" in the wreath for him too.
x x x x x x x 
The other piece I stitched up was "Wicked" by The Primitive Needle.  This was a freebie. 
My friend, Rita, stitched this design last year and I did the finishing on it for her.  
I made it into a flat fold ornament and hung it from an old skeleton key.  I liked the way it turned out so well that I wanted one for our house. So this is how I will finish mine also.
x x x x x x x
I'm working on a bit of a surprise piece too and hope to tell you more about it in a few weeks.
As you can see my hands are always busy doing what I love.
Have a great week and happy stitching!


Keeper of the Crowes said...

Oh my goodness, Nan. I'm panning on stitching that piece next! Love the sneak preview. Your finishing on the flat fold is amazing!!! What a creative idea. I suspect we will be seeing Sunny in some future designs!

diamondc said...

Sunny looks like a beautiful horse, I love your wicked finish lovely.

marly said...

Sunny looks wonderful! The design looks great as it is right now!

Myra said...

Sunny is a handsome fellow. Your stitching is lovely and adding Sunny to your piece is fabulous! I have that wicked design in my stash....I really should stitch it. I love the way you finished that one.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Nan, your sampler is turning out great ~ love the idea of adding Sunny ~ just gives it more meaning.
So love the way you finished the wicked pattern!
Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!
Prim Blessings

valerie said...

What fun stitching! I love your Wicked finish! The skeleton key is a brilliant add.

Three Sheep Studio said...

What a great place Sunny into the pasture of your project ! Makes it so much more special. ;)
I am 'in love' with the 'wicked' ornament on a skeleton key - a stroke of genius !
(Like the new banner. ;)

Jennifer said...

Just love anything to do with skeleton keys! My stash from the local flea market is dwindling though....
What a sweet idea to stitch Sunny into the sampler. I often turn the cats in samplers into my cats. Makes the piece more meaningful.

Bonny Woomer said...

Sunny looks right at home on the sampler! There's a Palomino horse up the road from us and what looks like an American Paint Horse...I love watching them in the pasture!

bayrayschild said...

Hi Nan! I love it already. Your work is simply the best!

Hugs, Audrey

Teresa Bejgrowicz said...

Your work is art. Everything beautiful. Greet you with Polish.