Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Yep....Another Start

I'm all done the last sampler 
I started.  I love how it turned out.
So old and loved looking.
  I don't want to 
show the finished reveal yet.
I've got to work on the chart
and instructions, but I should
have it all done very soon.
x x x x x 
Now.... I've started another new
design.  I have so many
buzzing around my head : )
This is the other bee
design that I mentioned
awhile ago.  It was inspired
by our gardens, which will be
full of blackeyed susans in a
month or so.   
I'm stitching this on
32ct Creme Brulee by
R&R Reproductions.
"ooh la la"  
I've got a different kind
of finish in mind for this one.
x x x x x   
In between stitching I did some 
much needed gardening.  I'm late this 
year with all the stitching ; )
     but I'm getting there.  Just need
the weather to cooperate a bit more.
Lots of rain in the forecast.
  Here's some garden shots.
Scotch Broom
Lilac Bush

Sand Cherry

Redbud Tree Forest Pansy
 The Forest Pansy was a birthday 
present a few years ago from
my hubby.  He gave me a wonderful
red wheel borrow that year too : D
 As you can see, I'm not much
for fancy things.
I hope you've enjoyed the garden tour.
Until next time....
Happy Stitching!


Bertie said...

I am curious Nan, looks fine so far. Lovely garden pictures, so colorful:)
Have a nice day!

moosecraft said...

Black Eyed Susans are my favorite! So, I'm looking forward to seeing the progress of your new design! :-) Beautiful pics of your Spring flowers... I always thought autumn was my favorite season... but, since this year we are having a "real spring"... I think I like Spring the best now! lol!

Lee said...

loved the walk round your garden
will watch with interest as your new design unfolds

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Another new design--keep them coming--they are all wonderful.

Enjoyed the stroll through your garden.

Michelle said...

Lovely and thanks for sharing your photos x

Deb Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Another start (and finish!), your needle is flying Nan! Can't wait to see your new sampler and lovely photographs of your blooms, don't you love Spring?! Deb

Nancy said...

I thought of you as I stopped to smell the roses.....love your pictures and I always love your designs.