Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happily Stitching

Sorry that I haven't posted much
in awhile.  We had our computer crash
last week and it just would not restart.
Luckily my DH, who
can do and fix almost anything, was 
able to diagnose the problem and
get it back up and running. YEAH!
Seems the memory cards were 
really dusty and were not making 
contact.  Needless to say, our 
computer is as dust free inside 
as we could get it.
I did feel quite faint at the thought
of not being able to access my
cross stitch files. YIKES!
AND I thought I had lost
the 2 new patterns that 
I just finished up. 
I hope to release them this weekend.
One is the "Falling Leaves
Hornbook Sampler" and the
other is the "Noblewoman's 
* * *
Otherwise, I have been
happily stitching. 
Here is a picture of some of 
the things I've been working
on.  I have some wonderful
finishes in mind for these.
I'm still working on Merry Christmas 
by Goode Huswife, but Black Walnut
Tree by Notforgotten Farm and 
Christmas Night by Chartmakers
are all stitched and ready to 
be finished.
* * *
Well, enjoy the rest of your
week and thanks for stopping
by to visit.  
Happy Stitching.


Patty C. said...

That Merry Christmas looks great
(Of course all of your work does ;)

camp and cottage living said...

I love your colorful Christmas sampler. So glad your back and the computer is going again!

Joy said...

Love all your stitching! Every time I look at the computer I expect it to "crash" and then wonder where I will take it. Lucky you, to have a fixer DH. Can't wait to see your new patterns.

Happy Day!

cucki said...

hello dear, i love your stitching so much..merry christmas is looking so sweet..
so glad your computer is feeling well now..
keep well and happy stitching xx

Mouse said...

oooo think you need an external hard drive to save all your pattern files on just incase ... love all the stitching you've done too :) love mouse xxx

Berit said...

Love it all, esp. the "Merry Christmas" shown here--is that GH?

I WAS wondering what you were getting up to as I am keeping your Falling Leaves in mind! Glad to hear you were able to get that problem sorted--dust is the electronic enemy! :D

Laura said...

CAN'T WAIT FOR NEW RELEASES!!!! Feel free to release them early as a surprise!!!

Dora said...

Good to see a post from you and some of your stitched pieces.

Karen said...

Sounds like you need a "backup" plan. Can't wait to see your finishes finished!

The Wooden Acorn said...

Your work is a joy...a lovely visual. Glad your computer is back in action.

Smiles - Valerie

Shakerwood said...

OMG ... I just blogged about this very same thing this morning. Computer Geek son said the same thing about my memory card. He ruled out the hard drive and the motherboard. Tomorrow I am headed out to get some canned air to clean out the insides and try again. I did just purchase an external hard drive last week and backed all my files on it. Now if I could just get rid of all the dust in my house ......

Michelle said...

I love the Christmas sampler. I am such a fan of your stitched pieces. So glad your back and the computer is going again!

staci said...

Gorgeous stitching! I love the one on the gray fabric~~is that one Christmas Night by Chartmakers? I may have to search that one out :)

Elisabetta said...

Really wondderful works in progress!!!! I love so much 'Merry Christmas' is part of something else becausa I can't find it....